Black & Decker CCC3000 Cordless Electric Lawncare Center Review

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Everything that you will need to give the finishing touches to your garden can be found in the Black & Decker CCC3000 cordless electric lawncare center. With the tools that you will be provided with, you can do whatever you want in your garden.

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With the Black & Decker ccc3000 lawncare center you get three rechargeable tools to prune the hedges, clean hard surfaces and trim and edge the hard-to-reach and tight spaces in your garden and yard. This black & decker electric lawncare center has an electric blower that will enable you to sweep in seconds. You can now easily sweep away the grass clippings, dry leaves as well as loose debris away from your walkways, patios as well as the garage with the NS118 Cordless Broom/Hard Surface Sweeper. The rechargeable 18 volts batteries that come with this product give this machine enough air pushing power. The design of this black & decker cordless grass trimmer is such that it is lightweight, so you can do your work without feeling fatigued. It also doesn’t make noise so, your ears as well as your neighbors ears won’t be strained when you use this product. This also helps in reducing noise pollution.

Black & Decker CCC3000 Lawncare Center Features & Specifications

  • Three lightweight durable 18-volt lawn care tools
  • Cordless string trimmer cuts wide 12-inch paths
  • Easy to use with automatically advanced line
  • Powerful hedge trimmer with a dual-action, 22-inch blade
  • Low-noise hard surface air sweeper clears patios and walkways easily
  • Includes 3-port charger, 2 Ni-Cad batteries and wall-mount
  • Comes with three years warranty

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You can easily take care of the details of your garden with the Grass Hog Edger/Trimmer tool with ease. This tool is a cordless NST2018 Grass Hog String Trimmer that enables you to cover more lawn area with its 12-inch cut path. You can easily switch to edging around pathways and flower gardens with the push of a button. This Grass Hog NST2018 string trimmer also has an Automatic Feed Spool that keeps the line at proper lengths whenever you use this tool. This string trimmer is easy for anyone to use. It also has an adjustable handle that allows you to find the most comfortable position while you work with this tool in your garden.

Now you can easily sculpt the perfect hedges and shrubs that you always wanted with the Black & Decker NHT518 Hedgehog Hedge Trimmer. This tool is a low-vibration, dual-action machine. This tool has a 22-Inch blade that makes it easier for you to reach and trim branches that are up to ¾ inches thick. This tool is only 6.4 pounds in weight and thus, makes it easier to maneuver and use in the garden. A battery charger also comes with this product along with two batteries, which allows you to use this product along with your friends as well.

Black & Decker CCC3000 Review

During my research regarding the Black & Decker Electric Lawncare Center I came across 418 customer reviews on alone. Around 232 of these customer reviews have given this product a five star rating. The average rating on this product on is 4.5 stars. All of the reviewers are happy and satisfied with this product as it allows them to do a multitude of tasks in their garden or yard. Click here to read more reviews.

One of the reviewers complained about the design and the weight of the products and said that they looked at toys. You shouldn’t go for the design of this product alone as it has been made in this way that it is lightweight. Even though it is light in weight, the performance is at the same level as you expect Black & Decker products to be at.

After my research I would recommend Black & Decker CCC3000 Cordless Electric Lawncare Center to anyone who is looking to finally have the garden of their dreams. Click here to check it out.

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Customer Reviews

Salah June 5th, 2012 (#)

Right on the money out of 5 stars. I had been digging, locally, trying to find someplace I could buy one of these. My trimmer is perfectly serviceable, other than the fact that this cap was wearing out. Plenty of places wanted to sell me another trimmer, instead of simply selling me the part I needed.A couple weeks ago, I was using the trimmer and the original cap simply broke into about three pieces. It was no longer usable. I got serious in my search online for a replacement part. I was surprised to see that Amazon carried it.It arrived promptly and I put it to work. I fit perfectly, as I expected it should. The trimmer is, now, almost as good as new (need to get some new string for it; when it gets too old, it starts to stick together on the spool) well worth the purchase. Can’t really say if it is any more durable than the old one (it lasted multiple years), since I just got it.

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