Greenworks 21602 Cordless Electric String Trimmer Edger Review

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The Greenworks 21602 cordless electric string trimmer/edger works, as the name suggests, is an electrically powered cordless hand held trimmer, which uses a monofilament string.   It comes with the exclusive Greenworks assurance of zero carbon emission, making it environment friendly.  The Greenworks 21602 electric trimmer comes with an auto line advancement system that makes changing lines extremely simple. The Greenworks 21602 string trimmer is equipped with a telescoping shaft which automatically adjusts the length of the shaft according to the height of the operator. Therefore it reduces the strain on your spinal cord.  The cordless string trimmer also comes with an additional line spool to help you with the first replacement.

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The Greenworks grass trimmer edger is cordless, thereby doing away with the hassles of tugging a long cord along.  It comes with a 20 volt, 6 Ah Lithium Ion Battery.  It gives you roughly 45 minutes of use per charge, sometimes more.  The battery is light and lasts upto 2000 cycles.  The added plus is that this battery can be used with other Greenworks products like the Blower etc. Greenworks provides you with a 4 year warranty on this Trimmer which is double the industry standard plus an exclusive 1 year warranty on the battery.

Greenworks 21602 String Trimmer Edger Features & Specifications

  • Trimmer/Edger with 12-inch cutting swath
  • Easy converted to edger trimmer
  • Comes changer and 20 Volt Lithium Ion Battery
  • Four years Parts & Labor Warranty
  • One year warranty on Battery

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The Greenworks 21602 trimmer edger can be operated with ease and is very user friendly. At the push of a button, the trimmer changes from ‘trim’ mode to ‘edge’ mode. So its very easy to move back and forth from trimming to edging along ledges and pathways.

This trimmer comes with the assurance that all Greenworks products enjoy, namely, the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy star rating. Therefore, you can peacefully trim your backyard/garden without harming the environment in any way.

Greenworks 21602 Review

There are more than 194 reviews for this Greenworks 21602 cordless electric string trimmer/edger online. Most people were happy with the fact that it was battery operated and they did not have to bother about the cords.  Secondly, it was felt that the battery performance was quite impressive and it was possible to use the trimmer 3-4 times with one charge.  Also, since it was electric, it was doing the job very quietly unlike gas powered trimmers. Click here to read more reviews.

Quite a few users were impressed with the ease of changing lines, which even a novice at the job could easily do.  Also, the telescoping shaft that adjusts the length according to the person’s height was quite impressive.  Overall, users felt that it was easy to use, did the job to perfection, was easy to store and also, the maintenance costs were minimum.

Coming to the negative reviews, they were very few. Some of the users felt that the motor’s air vents get clogged due to the grass clippings getting caught in it, thereby causing the motor to over heat at times.  As pointed out by the user himself, this can be overcome if Greenworks could come up with a foam ring that covers the motor which traps the clippings.

Some users were not happy with the post sale customer service provided by Greenworks. When approached with battery problems, they felt the Greenworks helpline was not very forthcoming and responsive.

As is very evident, the positives surely outweighs the negatives.  Overall, the Greenworks 21602 cordless electric string trimmer/edger is very efficient and easy to use. Click here to check it out.

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Customer Reviews

Kevin June 5th, 2012 (#)

I looked at different cordless grass trimmers. I was tired of the gas trimmers that were hard to start and hard to hold. My muscles would quiver an hour after using a gas trimmer. I looked at the green works but found it too expensive. I wanted something simple. When I did receive the Sun Joe that battery was defective but they sent me a new one already charged up through UPS. I guess it had been a manufacturing problem since there was a letter that came with the Sun Joe that there were a handful of defective batteries. All in all so far I’m in love with the thing. It’s powerful yet easy to hold. It’s a lithium ion battery which means it lasts longer than a ni-cad battery. What’s neat is you can use as both an edger and a trimmer and even has wheels to use as the edger. I trimmed both the front and backyard and did the edging and still have plenty of power left over. This one beats the Black & Decker and has more to offer. I do highly recommend it and see how reliable it will be over time. You no longer have to worry about if you can get it to start. You just press the button and go. I figured I saved over $100 just by getting this one versus the green works and about $23 over the Black & Decker. I asked and they will be coming out with a cordless blower in the future. This saves hassle and time as well as energy.

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